Soccer-Themed Montage

This montage was created for a Messi-obsessed Bar Mitzvah boy and incorporates his logos and image with video of soccer superstar, Lionel Messi.


NEW (11/18) Opening of a montage shown at a 60th birthday party for a huge Springsteen fan. 

Sneaker-themed Montage

Opening of a montage shown at a Bar Mitzvah with a sneaker-themed party.

College Graduation Montage

Shown at a college graduation celebration for a group of friends and their families. Each graduate received a copy of the montage on a USB drive as a keepsake.

Super bowl themed bar mitzvah montage

The opening few minutes of a montage which includes the honoree's favorite football team and clips from his favorite TV show.

Rehearsal Dinner Montage opening

Includes clips from the bride-to-be's favorite movie.

80th Birthday Montage

This montage opens with one of the honoree's grandchildren wishing him a happy birthday and then goes into a fun, alliterative opening. Just the beginning is shown here, but throughout, there are video messages from his other grandchildren and many highlights from his first 80 years. The montage was a gift from his children and was shown at his 80th birthday celebration.

Baseball-Themed Bar Mitzvah Montage

This montage features professional baseball footage along with the actual ESPN opening, interviews with the honoree's coaches, some fun graphics and more. Here, you can see the first few minutes.

Selfie-themed Bat Mitzvah Montage

A high-energy opening which also includes bitmojis and fun video clips.